Modified TentedTM

Our Modified TentedTM Racks are milled with the slot in the peak of the angle but do not come with any mounting holes or hardware. They are welded to a plate with holes perfectly spaced to be used in conjunction with a 2” Stainless Steel U-Bolt. The ROCKET RACK® Sanitary Free-Standing Conduit Support System is used in instances requiring horizontal pipe runs–along equipment where there is no wall space to attach to, or where wall-mount is unfeasible. It provides a very quick and sanitary installation that allows for quick adjustments and adding piping runs without any drilling or welding in the field. The ROCKET RACK® meets all standards set forth in the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Modified TentedTM ROCKET RACKS® are special order items made from 304 stainless.  Please allow 7-10 day lead time (Call for lead time on 316 stainless).

POST MOUNTSModified TentedTM ROCKET RACKS® and U-Bolts sold separately.

Made in U.S.A.

Patent Pending.