This system is a quick and versatile way to attach disconnects, operator interface panels, or mechanical devices such as water flow meters and valves or solenoid valves.  Conduit can also be run vertically in instances when it cannot be attached to a wall or other partition.  In both height and width, it can be tailored to the specifications of your customer’s project. The ROCKET RACK® meets all standards set forth in the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

ROCKET RACK® Free Standing Posts are sold individually.  These Posts can be used to run conduit vertically or horizontally using our Flat ROCKET RACKS® or Modified TentedTM ROCKET RACKS® respectively. Post Mounts are special order items made from 304 stainless.  Please allow 7-10 day lead time (Call for lead time on 316 stainless).

Flat ROCKET RACKS®, Modified TentedTM ROCKET RACKS® and U-Bolts sold separately.

Made in U.S.A