Coated Mounting Rod

Our Coated Mounting Rod – in Zinc-plated and 304 Stainless – is available in ¼″ – ¾″ diameters and 6′ & 12′ lengths. Its heat-shrunk jacket is tight and snug, making it clean and smooth, with no exposed threads – perfect for food and beverage-grade installations.

The installer simply cuts the rod to length, uses a utility knife to strip off the amount of coating to reveal precisely the threads needed, then mounts the rack. No on-site fabrication and threading of mounting rod not only saves time, it also substantially reduces the danger of product contamination and increases on-the-job safety.

We stock plenty of the ¼″ – ¾″ diameters in both Zinc-plated and 304 Stainless. Depending on the quantity you need, an order of these sizes/materials can ship within 24 hours.  Available in 316 stainless as special order.

Made in the U. S. A.

“As a Project Manager, I specialize in power and control installations in food grade facilities, and I recently used ROCKET RACK® in a project that was originally estimated at $1,000,000. I couldn’t have been more impressed with ROCKET RACK®. My installers were thrilled with how well designed and easy to use the system was, on top of which ROCKET RACK® saved us nearly $300,000 in labor on this one project alone. I’m sold on ROCKET RACK® and will use it on the next project for sure!”

Steve D., Project Manager, St. Louis, MO