Ron Meyer is a St. Louis electrician working in the food-processing industry.  Trained by some of the industry’s finest IBEW/Local One electricians, he was always taught to look for a better, more efficient and cost effective way to complete the job for the customer. On that basis, he designed and patented the ROCKET RACK®. The ROCKET RACK® is a pre-fabricated, install-ready mounting & support system for conduit and process piping in the food & beverage manufacturing industry.

Ron, his wife, Julie, and their long-time friend, Charlie Overschmdit, formed Unique Metal Solutions, LLC, and began selling the ROCKET RACK® in 2009 in the St. Louis area. The ROCKET RACK® is now in use in food & beverage processing plants in over a dozen states across the country.

In May of this year, Unique Metal Solutions, LLC, was awarded the prestigious Arch Grant. Unique Metal Solutions competed with over 420 other entrepreneurs from around the world for the Grant. The field was narrowed to 60 and then to 30.  Finally, 15 young businesses were awarded a $50,000 grant.

Unique Metal Solutions, LLC, is a small, family-run business.  But thanks to Arch Grants, Ron, Julie & Charlie can grow the business sooner than they ever dreamed possible. Born and raised here, Ron Meyer says he loves St. Louis and is thrilled for the opportunity Arch Grants has given him to expand his manufacturing business.  He looks forward to the day when he can be instrumental in putting St. Louisans back to work.

“St. Louis has such a rich manufacturing history—shoes, cars, steel, beer.”  I watched as they closed the Ford Plant here, then the Chrysler Plant.  I drive past those sites now and I can hardly believe they’re gone. Nothing would please me more than to help bring manufacturing jobs back to St. Louis—to help put St. Louis back in to the manufacturing spotlight.

“Ours might be just one plant at first, but I’ll put my faith in this city just as the good people at Arch Grants have put their faith in the ROCKET RACK®. Little by little, I do think St. Louis can make a comeback.”

“The people behind Arch Grants, Sarah, Jerry& Jim (that’s Sarah Spear, AG’s Executive Director, Jerry Schlichter, AG’s President/Director, and Jim McKelvey, Head of AG’s Advisory Board) have given us such enthusiastic support. They have been our greatest cheerleaders. This grant has made all the difference to our young company. And it’s not just the money, either. It’s the free marketing support, and the free legal support and the free accounting support. And the reduced rent at the Railway Exchange Building. And the list goes on and on.  I know Arch Grants and its board wants us to succeed. They’ve told us: ‘we focus on whatever helps you develop your product or attract the capital you need to build your business. When your venture succeeds, we move closer to realizing our vision of making St. Louis the place where entrepreneurs want to establish their ventures.’ And ROCKET RACK® most certainly wants to be established in St. Louis!”

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