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How Fast & Easy is ROCKET RACK®?

“As a Project Manager, I specialize in power and control installations in food grade facilities, and I recently used ROCKET RACK® in a project that was originally estimated at $1,000,000. I couldn’t have been more impressed with ROCKET RACK®. My installers were thrilled with how well designed and easy to use the system was, on top of which ROCKET RACK® saved us nearly $300,000 in labor on this one project alone. I’m sold on ROCKET RACK® and will use it on the next project for sure!”

Steve D., Project Manager, St. Louis, MO

Easy to Install Food Grade Conduit Support System

Food Grade Conduit Support System

ROCKET RACK® is a pre-fabricated pipe/conduit mounting system that’s specially designed for food & beverage processing plants. The patented ROCKET RACK® and our PVC-coated all-thread rod arrives ready to install, eliminating dirty and dangerous on-site fabrication, and removing the possibility of product contamination and on-the-job injuries.


“You have definitely impressed us here on my job. This is an amazing design. We will be able to get so much more accomplished with these pre-fabricated racks. The time saved will be exponential. We will certainly be ordering again!”

Chris H., Foreman, Electrical Contractor, TN


Reduce Installation Time, Eliminate the mess of on-site fabrication, Increase on-the-job Safety