Drilling into Rocket Posts

Rocket Post

The Rocket Post looks like a great mounting solution. Can I drill into them?

Good question—no, you should not drill into the Rocket Posts, as this goes against hygienic design principles. Rocket Posts are hermetically sealed to protect against ingress of dust, dirt, and liquid as dictated by hygienic standards, so drilling can create points of weakness where moisture and bacteria accumulate, compromising the integrity of your entire system.

When using Rocket Rack products, you should never have to do any onsite drilling or fabrication—everything is pre-engineered and factory fabricated to save you time and to maximize sanitary performance. Instead of drilling directly into Rocket Posts to mount infrastructure, we suggest using Rocket Rack Flat. Flat Rack can be attached to Rocket Posts using Rocket Rack’s unique U-bolts and hygienic capnuts; this gives you a quick and versatile way to attach disconnects, operator interface panels, and mechanical devices, and run conduit or cable trays vertically. Additionally, conduit and cable trays can be run horizontally using Rocket Posts and specially designed Post-Tented Racks. These racks feature welded plates on both ends milled with a radius that perfectly fits the curvature of the post, and the racks can be affixed to the posts using Rocket Rack U-bolts and hygienic capnuts, providing a completely sealed installation. Another useful option is Rocket Post Extension Arms. Extension Arms are available in configurations for horizontal or vertical support. They are also milled with a radius to ensure a perfect fit to the post, and include the 2” mounting U-bolt with capnuts.