Ease of Assembly

Rocket Rack Components

Hi Chris! Rocket Rack sounds like such a great product. Is it complicated to install?

One of Rocket Rack’s biggest founding principles is ease of assembly. It’s our mission to create a wholistic system of sanitary support that is simple to install while ensuring it retains its strength and sustainability. All you’ll need to install Rocket Rack is a tape measure, level, and an 11/16” socket/ratchet/wrench. Each rack is shipped with specially designed stainless steel mounting hardware that will leave no gaps or spaces between the rack and mounting rod, so you don’t have to track down mounting hardware that may not meet the required hygienic standards of your installation. The patented slot design maximizes field flexibility without the need for on-site cutting, drilling, or welding.

And, if you ever have any installation questions, our knowledgeable team is here to help! You can call 903-680-4222 during normal business hours or email csr@robroy.com with your inquiry and we’d be glad to assist you!