How to Run Basket Tray Overhead in Tight Spaces

Chris Corner Header Feb 2024

So, I need to run basket tray overhead, but space is pretty tight. Any recommendations/advice?

Thanks for asking! We have a solution that can help you out. In this case, I would recommend a single or double vertical compact support assembly.

This great new innovation is designed specifically to simplify the installation of infrastructure material, like basket tray, overhead—especially where space is limited. Both the single and double configurations are made from 304 stainless flat rack, feature either a 6 ½” or 10 ½” slot for increased flexibility, and can be installed with our hygienic PVC-encased Rocket Rod cut to the necessary length for your space requirements. The double assembly has two parallel mounting surfaces, so you can mount conduit or basket tray on either or both sides of the assembly.

Tented rack is always a useful option for overhead runs, too. And when space is tight, you can cut two pieces of PVC-encased Rocket Rod to the necessary length and use it to mount the rack trapeze-style. To make it a double, use a Beveled Rod Coupler to join additional Rocket Rods to the first ones and mount a second Tented rack directly beneath the first. To make your installation even more hygienic, use Rocket Rack’s Cable Tray Clamps to secure basket trays to the rack. These innovative clamps are secured with hygienic beveled capnuts, eliminating threads, flat surfaces, and any niches or crevices where dust and bacteria can accumulate.

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