Introducing the Rocket Rack® Hygienic Tapered Spacer

Rocket Rack™ Tapered Spacer

Continuing the innovation of creating a full system of support products, Rocket Rack® is proud to introduce a new addition to the growing hygienic solution - the Rocket Rack ™ Hygienic Tapered Spacer.

Rocket Rack® Hygienic Rocket Spacers™ are used to mount enclosures, device boxes, disconnect switches and other equipment with mounting feet to Rocket Rack® Flat Rack or away from the wall to maintain desired distance for easy cleaning. The hygienic rocket spacer is constructed of corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel and utilizes FDA compliant, blue (non-food color) silicone gaskets. Spacers are available in choice of two styles – cylindrical or tapered. The cylindrical model is available with 5/16” diameter through hole (for use with 1⁄4” hardware) or 7/16” diameter through hole (for use with 3/8” hardware) and in 1”, 2” or 4” lengths as standard.

The tapered model is designed for use in mounting equipment with smaller mounting ears or where a streamline connection point is desired. Tapered spacers are available in 1” or 2” lengths with 3/8-16” or 1/4”- 20 threaded openings as standard. Rocket spacers provide for improved clean-ability and are used in accordance with good hygienic design.