Rocket Rack® Hygienic

Robroy Hygienic Symbol

Rocket Rack® hygienic products are designed for use in FDA or USDA-regulated facilities such as food and beverage manufacturing plants and pharmaceutical plants. The Rocket Rack® hygienic system has all the benefits of the Rocket Rack® traditional system, with added design features that inhibit contamination, prevent bacterial ingress, survival, and growth, and make the system cleanable to a microbiological level. 

Rocket Rack® Hygienic Support System

  • Tented rack is specifically designed for food, with sloped design
  • Patented slot design and custom hardware eliminate harborage points with no recessed spaces or exposed threads.
  • Specially designed hardware for form-to-fit-function to maximize hygienic requirements
  • Cut-to-length rods with FDA-compliant coating and rod stripping tool to reveal the precise amount of threads
  • Blue (non-food color) FDA-compliant silicone gaskets
  • Oxidative Thermo Process Labels remove the risk of contamination by foreign matter
  • NSF certified
  • Hygienic Shield mark indicates that the product is designed and tested for use in hygienic/sanitary installations

Rocket Rack® configurations for hygienic applications use sloped designs, so there are no flat surfaces, and minimize thread exposure, crevices, and niches. These innovative design features allow for the shedding of dust, dirt, liquid, and debris, inhibit the growth of microorganisms, and reduce the risk of contamination by build-up. Additionally, Rocket Rack’s® patented slot design allows for fine adjustments and additions without the need for cutting or drilling, minimizing work areas over production lines.

When it comes to hygienic applications, it’s important to remember that just because a product is stainless does not mean it is hygienic. While most traditional stainless struts are not designed with food production safety standards in mind, Rocket Rack® hygienic products, which carry the Hygienic Shield mark, are sanitarily designed and specifically developed for use in hygienic/sanitary installations.