Rocket Rack® Traditional

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Rocket Rack® products designed for traditional applications are great for use within industrial applications and corrosive environments such as water and wastewater treatment plants. The Rocket Rack® system’s unique design and features truly set it apart from traditional stainless steel strut systems. Rocket Rack® traditional products are versatile, pre-engineered, and factory-fabricated, providing a labor- and cost-saving alternative to traditional stainless steel strut systems.

  • Pre-engineered and factory fabricated with pre-calculated loads
  • Fully configurable products that work together as an installed solution
  • Patented slot design accommodates last-minute and future changes without cutting and welding
  • Custom hardware allows for ease of installation and maximum installation consistency
  • Cut-to-length rods with FDA-compliant coating and rod stripping tool to reveal the precise amount of threads
  • Radius corners eliminate sharp edges and promote safety
  • Oxidative Thermo Process Labels
  • Reusable and sustainable, with the flexibility to disassemble and reinstall
  • Trapeze, wall, or post mounting options available
  • Utility agnostic
  • 3rd party listed and documented with utility patents

Rocket Rack’s® integrated support system can be used in numerous applications such as electrical, mechanical, and process piping, with published load ratings that exceed even the most demanding applications and load requirements. 

When considering a support system for your application, Rocket Rack® can be a great choice over traditional strut systems in which conduit sizes and runs must be determined beforehand and components field fabricated. With its unique design and availability in 304 stainless steel or 6061-T6 aluminum angle or flat stock in a wide range of widths and lengths, Rocket Rack’s® highly versatile system can save both time and money.