Post Mount Systems

ROCKET RACK Post Mounts, made from 2″ Sch. 40 304S pipe, are sold individually. Post Mounts have a weld-sealed cap and mounting plate, (2″ Sch. 40 304S Butt Welded Cap and 4x6x1/4 304S Mounting Plate with four 9/16″ Mounting Holes).


Using ROCKET RACK Flat racks on the posts, we’ve created a vertical mounting system. It’s a quick and versatile way to attach disconnects, operator interface panels or mechanical devices, such as water-flow meters and valves.  The same system can be used to run conduit vertically.

ROCKET RACK Post Mounts with ROCKET RACK Modified Tented™

Modified Tented is fabricated with the slot in the peak of the angle, but with no mounting holes. It is welded to a 2x4x3/8 304S plate with holes perfectly spaced for use with a 2” Stainless U-Bolt (sold separately) and milled with a radius that fits the curvature of the post.  This system is used in instances requiring horizontal pipe runs along equipment where other mounting means are unavailable or unfeasible. It provides a quick and sanitary installation that allows for fine adjustments.  The installer can add pipe runs without drilling or welding in the field.

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