Please inquire about our sanitary clamps as well as our specially-fabricated stainless hardware and racks!

The ROCKET RACK CANTILEVER TENTED is similar to ROCKET RACK MODIFIED TENTED—no mounting holes, slot only—but only one end is fitted with a welded plate.

SINGLE ROCKET RACK POST MOUNT WITH SANITARY CLAMP: A single conduit is attached to a Single ROCKET RACK POST MOUNT by means of Sanitary Clamps.

ROCKET PLATE™ For Insulated Metal Panel Walls (IMP) and other Wall-Mount Installations.

IMP walls provide a more sanitary finish that can easily be washed down and withstand harsh chemical cleaning. Many food manufacturers are using IMP in the construction of their facilities. The IMP wall cutaway above shows how the ROCKET PLATE is anchored to the IMP wall using a FAB-LOK® Fastener, which provides a secure fit and high resistance to vibration loosening.

ROCKET RACK offers a wide range of options to suit your application, including:

  • Racks Available with Custom Center-Center Mounting Hole Distance
  • Racks and Rod Available In 316 Stainless as Custom Order
  • Rod Available in Larger Diameters As Custom Order