ROCKET RACK Tented is fabricated with the slot and mounting holes cut on the heel of the angle and hung trapeze style from ceiling of structure using ROCKET ROD™. ROCKET RACK Tented is used to support process pipe & electrical conduit or cable tray. Hygienic design features sloped sides (45°) to eliminate a horizontal ledge where dirt and bacteria can accumulate. Patented slot design allows for additional lines to be installed in the future and assures a perfectly straight run, creating a beautiful installation, even suitable for high-end residential or commercial projects featuring an open ceiling design. Pipe & conduit are secured with U-Bolts or ROCKET STANDOFFS™ & approved sanitary clamps. Made from 2x2x1/4 Angle, ROCKET RACK Tented is engineered to withstand heavy loads. Radius corners for added safety.

Length (in inches) refers to overall length of the rack, NOT to the length of the slot. We can fabricate racks almost any length and width. Just let us know the center to center distance between mounting holes. Call for pricing and lead time on lengths not listed here or racks made from 316 Stainless.

ROCKET RACK Tented is supplied with specially-designed stainless mounting hardware, leaving no gaps or spaces between the rack and the mounting rod. When ordering please specify whether using 3/8″ or 1/2″ rod.

ROCKET RACK Tented is ideally suited for use with rigid conduit—Stainless, aluminum or galvanized steel–anchored with ROCKET RACK Stainless U-Bolts. Please note that when using thin-walled tubing or coated conduit we recommend standing off the rack with ROCKET STANDOFF and a sanitary clamp (each sold separately—See ROCKET RACK Stainless Hardware).

U. S. Patent #D653,524 S