Load Ratings

The ROCKET RACK® System is engineered to exceed the most demanding applications and load requirements.

ROCKET RACK® load specification documents are available below for download.  If you have project requirements beyond the scope outlined in these documents, contact us and we’ll be happy to work out a ROCKET RACK® solution for you.

The ROCKET RACK’S® patented slot is specially designed for the positioning of u-bolts and standoff mounts ONLY.  ROCKET RACK® should be installed using only the mounting holes provided.

For details on slot length and placement, contact sales@rocket-rack.com or call our office at 866-481-8899.


Load Ratings:

  Standard Angle Ratings

  Tented Angle Ratings

  Tented Angle Assembly Details

Coated Mounting Rod in zinc or stainless
(available in ¼″ –  ¾″ diameters and 6’ or 12’ lengths)